Saturday, December 28, 2013

DIY lip care

i don't know if it's lip  –stick, –gloss, –shine, –balm...

no matter what the technical term is, it's nourishing and beautiful. and easy. 2 ingredients: coconut oil, and Crayola crayons.

yep. coconut oil for nourishment and soothing. crayons for color and fun. (they must be CRAYOLA).

i got great results from this. my lip balm is a lot redder than shown in the pictures... the picture kind makes them look pink. this DIY offers great freedom in both color and consistency –– you get to be the boss of how bright and whether you want you lip balm to be glossy or dry.

you can just reuse the little lip gloss jars or powder jars. me? i bought a cheap jar tower thing.
slit the paper off of the crayon. or peel it. whatever floats your boat.
you should use about 1/4 of a crayon per teaspoon of coconut oil. i tweaked it a little bit different with each color. basically:
extra crayon makes it drier
extra coconut oil makes it glossy
put a teaspoon of coconut oil in a bowl.
put the bowl in a pot in water. the water line should be a bit below the top of the bowl. turn the stove to medium/medium-high temperature.
once the oil is melted, add the crayon and stir in the color as it melts. 

after it is all combined and melted, pour it into one of your jars and let set.
the results. it (^^^) wasn't that pink.
carnation  pink,  scarlet,  red,  and  mahogany

there you have it. i had so much fun making these and i hope you do to. please come back soon, i have so many plans for this sacred corner and i want you to be around for the experience.

but for now, see ya!

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