Saturday, November 2, 2013

the UK

roadtrips for the win!

YES, I'M ALIVE !  AND I'M BACK. [dun dun DUN!] and i don't really have anything worth while to show you because i've been so incredibly busy with school and work, work, and more work. so you get to look at my photos from the break. i went on a roadtrip in the UK, and it was really, really fun. and i have evidence.  >:) 

somewhere in the English Channel....
Edinburgh, Scotland

and now some stranger is on my blog... >:) my life as a photographer has officially begun.
the Lake District.
St. Paul's Cathedral -- Mary Poppins, anyone?
the changing of the guard.
Buckingham Palace

so there ya are.

i'm planning to do some more posts this weekend. some DIY's. maybe a hair post. hmmm i'll think on it tonight. and i am going to come back. soon. pinky promise. 

{if you don't come back i'll send my dinosaur to hunt you down... he lives about 10 minutes away.}

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  1. AH-MAZING pics!! I can't wait to see more posts! :D