Sunday, November 3, 2013

elastic, hairbands, and headbands, oh my!

but seriously.

i've noticed a trend in both the US (when i went home this summer) and in the netherlands as well. shops and boutiques are selling these beautiful but ridiculously priced elastic hair bands. i mean people, i've seen a set of four priced at $12 or 10 euros! it's ridiculous. i got this elastic at the market and it was .75 ¢ (?) for half of a meter. so in all, for four hair elastics, it was 1.50 euros?

i also got some thicker elastic and used them to make a headband rather than extra super duper strong hairbands.

it took a surprisingly short time... *snip* *knot* *done*.

i think i had half a meter of each kind of elastic. when i bought the pinkish elastic, i thought it was tan. but no. *sigh*


cut off 10 inches (25.4 centimeters) or however much you think you need according to your hair. this really depends on the thickness of your hair -- decide for yourself. nobody knows your hair like you. 
fold it in half -- it's 5 inches now.... aka 12.7 cm
and tie a knot. (when i wrote that i heard it in my mind as k-not. as in the k wasn't silent. bahaha irrelevant stuff ftw!)


fold it "inside out" and run some stitches over the ends with a sewing machine -- they don't have to be pretty, just strong.
"right side out."

well that's that.

if you think about it, that is a really obvious statement: that is that. anywho, as a goodbye note, i'd just like to share a verse with you.

i have this hanging on my mirror every morning, and it brings such encouragement some days. i do a lot of these word art type things before i go to bed. it's an excellent way to reflect on scripture.

adios, amigos! (and amigas)...

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  1. so cute! and love the little sayings you have in this post