Saturday, July 27, 2013

memory jar.

a creative way of reusing those jars and cans.

my mom handed me an old coffee can and said, "here, do something with this." and so i covered it in pretty paper and now i fill it with good things and memories from the years i live here in Holland. when i move back home to the USA, i'll now have a lot of memories stored up that i can read. yay!

so next time you have a jar or can around, you can do the same with memories, good or funny things that have happened, or your favorite verses or sayings.... whatever floats your boat.

here is the previously mentioned thunderstorm rolling in... the strangest cloud i've ever seen. it looked weirder in person -- it looked like it was going to eat everything in its path. 
another view from my window.

well, i'm enjoying the storm by sitting in a window listening to the rain. with my laptop. i know that's really smart. anyway, yesterday i had some fun ombre dip-dyeing shirts; i'll have a post up soon about that.

come back soon!

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