Wednesday, June 5, 2013

scarf bag

i guess you could say, "scarfception." 

i'm so sorry, i haven't really been around lately. i've been quite the busy beaver.... but i'm back now where i belong. :) ok, let's go:

you simply need a square scarf. 
fold in half (in a triangle)
on the bottom ends, tie a knot. (not at the very end. a couple inches from the tip)
unfold it so that it looks like this.
take the knots on the end and tuck them in.
refold the triangle -- THE OTHER WAY. so basically you just turned it inside out. if you hold the top edges now, it should look like a bag.
tie a knot at the top. 
sweet bag ya got there. 

alright, there ya are. you have a brand new bag. and the great thing is,  you can make this in about 2 seconds when you're on the go. 

fyi... i have a tutorial on these curls coming soon. 

thank you once again for stoppin' by! 


  1. Hey question!!! How'd you make your blog/background so cute? Do you know how to make your own background? I'm totally lost here and nearly in tears trying to find a cute AND free background...?! Any ideas?!

  2. well... hi there! :) welcome to my world. um, the background. for a while i just had one of the pre-existing backgrounds (and i hated it...) until i found a picture thing i pinned on pinterest. then i pretty much punched a hole trying to figure out how to change it. basically go to template, customize live on blog, then background, then upload image. then upload whatever image you found that you like for the background and TA-DA! you have a new background. seriously though check out stuff on pinterest. it's easy. you can just save an image off of there. :D hope this helps! what's the name of your blog by the way?

    1. Ugh yes..I hate blogger's backgrounds. They're so boring. Alright..well I'll give that a shot! Thanks a million. :) I'm still editing my blog..and the name is only my first and middle name. :/ The address is but be the moment it's super boring and blah. :P