Saturday, June 29, 2013

le boho ponytail

for a loose look.

with my messy hair, i gave up on making myself look 'polished' long ago. now i shoot for a rougher look, and succeed most of the time... this one's easy.

start with fresh hair. if your hair isn't wavy like mine, you can curl it a bit to make it wavy.
curl a few strands and some ends.
gather the hair into a sideish ponytail.
here's the secret: grab a small chunk of hair and wrap it around the ponytail to hide the hair band. 
pin it place by sticking it up with the bottom part of the bobby pin up under the hairband.
add in some braids and pull out some short sections up by your face to "messify" it for the boho look. it gives it some more interest and texture.
YAY! you're done. look at you, lookin' all boho. ;)

alright, well, thanks for stopping by! i love it when you visit. so come back. soon. 

like, seriously. soon.


  1. Oh my worddd!! I just stumbled upon your blog...I loveee all your posts..they're really creative! I'm new to blogger...And I'm so superly glad I found ya! ;)

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