Saturday, March 30, 2013

the infamous sock bun.

a tutorial. 

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whether you're searching for a way to shove all your hair on top of your head or for great no-heat curls, you found your answer in the sock bun. 

it's an excellent way to get a thicker more 'volumptious' (as my friends say) bun. the more hair you have, the harder it is, but if i can do it with all my hair, you can do it with yours. 

fresh hair.
put your hair in a ponytail. position it where you want the base of your bun to be.
here's the trick to the whole thing: the sock. just cut the toe off of a sock out of the lost and found collection in your laundry room and roll the sock up so it looks like this. ^ men's socks probably work the best because they're thin. make the sock as close to your hair color as possible.
pull your hair through it. then pull the sock roll to the tips of your hair. (not pictured)
tuck the end of your hair under the sock and then roll the sock down towards the base of the ponytail. my thumbs are pushing my hair inside the hole of the sock. (if that makes any sense...)
roll until you reach the base
tuck and pin as needed. 


  1. So I just saw this post, and let me tell you thank you.! When I told a friend that I wanted to but the sponge she said use a sock it's less expensive. Never did I think this is how it's done. I had the whole concept wrong !!! As I was going through the post I went Ahh lol. Thanks again.

    1. no problem! this is why i blog –– to give people those "ahhh lol" moments. come again for more...