Friday, February 1, 2013

valentine's day


today is February 1st, and i've had this plan simmering in the back of my mind for a while now: i'm going to do a valentine's day themed mini series of posts. i know i haven't been faithful with putting up more tutorials and such, but i'm on it now! :) 

so let's get started!


pencil, scissors, glue, scrap of fun paper, scrap of paper,and an envelope (can a used envelope)


fold in half diagonally, so that the corner is pointed. draw the curve of the heart.

cut along the curve and unfold: tada! it's a heart template
line up the heart with the corner of the envelope, and trace the heart shape. 

cut it out...

now make the TEMPLATE a bit smaller (you can see above how i only made it slightly smaller.)

now trace the smaller template onto the patterned paper and cut it out. you now have 2 hearts

just glue the patterned heart onto the envelope heart and voila! you're done!

and you can now curl up with a good book. <3
Watership Down

*by the way, if you're searching for a good read, i highly   recommend any Agatha Christie books. they're my favorite:  especially And Then There Were None. <3


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