Saturday, February 2, 2013

braided bun

ok we're going to try a hair post now...

this is my first attempt at a hair tutorial -- let's see how it goes.

every time i wear my hair in this bun, i get a lot of compliments and "HOW DID YOU DO THAT??!" i explain how simple it is, and then they say, "oh i don't think i could do that." believe me: you can. :)

Here goes nothin'. 

brush out your hair, or if you're me, straighten it first... 
gather it into a high ponytail. wherever your ponytail is, that's where your bun will be.
divide the pony in half and braid both halves as far as possible. you can secure the ends with clear elastics, or temporary elastics and then pin them later, like i do.
take the messier of the 2 braids and widen it by gently pulling: this will be your base braid
take the braid you just widened, and wrap it around the base of your ponytail (make sure the other braid stays in the center). pin in place.
now take the smaller braid and wrap it around the pinned braid bun. 

pin in place.

all you have to do then is tuck away loose fly-aways you don't want or possibly embellish it if you like. (i have a tutorial coming on the flower in my hair...)

so there you have it! easy as pie. good luck!

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